Release 200.008.000

Release 200.008.000 of our purchase requisition workflow maxflow® procurement was published in November 2021. In addition to the following functions, various small changes and corrections were also made.

Transaction for Translation of Texts of the Text System

Previously, translations had to be done by the customer via Excel files that were sent to him. After translation, these were returned and a corresponding transport was generated. To optimize this translation process, we have created a new transaction that enables the customer to translate texts from the maxflow® procurement text system themselves. When the transaction is called, a pop-up is displayed to select the source and target languages of the translation. After confirming the language selection, the user is asked whether only logged texts or all text system texts should be translated. Additionally, a text logging setting has been added to the general settings. If the setting is active, all texts that are determined from the text system are logged.

Order Term in the Monitor Inbox

The use of classification terms, which are also used in the SAP Business Workplace, enables a simple selection of the various tasks. These classification terms are now also available in maxflow® procurement monitor inbox, where documents can be selected based on their classification term.

Supplementation of the Supplier Data

In the monitor and in the header data module, in addition to the fixed supplier number and the supplier designation, the additional designation, the sort key, the postal code, the city and the country of the fixed supplier are now also available. These additional fields improve the display of the supplier data and the differentiation of related suppliers.

Further Optimizations

  • As of now, the step to manual agent selection can be forced within the rejection processing.
  • In addition, the infomails can be made more dynamic when orders are created.
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