SAP Travel Expense Report

maxflow® travel management

Efficient Processing of Travel Documents in SAP

Digitally capture and approve travel requests and expenses.

  • Process cost reduction and error minimization through automation.
  • Complete transparency and traceability.
  • Acceleration of the machining process.
  • Mobile editing using web-based surfaces.
  • Access for non-SAP users.
  • Familiar working environment through full integration with SAP.

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Digitized SAP Travel Expense Reports

Automated travel management - easy, paperless and transparent.

In many companies, the processing of travel requests and expense reports is a lengthy process with many manual activities. This results in an enormous effort to check and approve travel documents manually, as well as to coordinate the individual processors or to adhere to certain approval conventions.

Our travel expense workflow maxflow® travel management automates and digitizes the entire approval process, resulting in simple and clear management of travel documents. Fast and efficient requesting, recording, checking, approving and settling of trips and expense reports is realized without any problems. Managing travel documents thus becomes child's play, reducing process costs and processing times to a minimum.

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Flexible Approval Control

maxflow® travel management is equipped with two automated approval workflows. The first workflow is for travel requests and the second workflow is for travel expenses. It thus covers the entire travel process from the preceding travel request to the approval of expenses and the settlement of incurred travel expenses, preventing the loss of documents.

The freely scalable and expandable approval configurations of maxflow® travel management enable a comprehensive and individual definition of the individual approval steps. The number of approval levels and those authorized to release can be configured depending on, for example, personnel number, country grouping, trip schema, etc. Extensive Customizing options realize the setting of an almost unlimited and company-specific variety of processes and approval scenarios.


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Collection Approval for More Efficiency

By means of its own collective process, our solution enables the merging of several travel requests or travel expense reports that have been incurred within a business trip, for example. This grouping of individual requests and receipts into a collective as well as the subsequent collective approval reduces the processing effort during the release to a minimum and accelerates the approval process . The travel documents can be edited and released in the SAP GUI as well as in the web browser.

Highlights of the Travel Expense Workflow

From now on, no more tedious and bumpy travel document processing, because we have the perfect solution to digitize and automate your business travel management.

  • Automatic Processor Determination incl. Substitute Regulation

    Substitute rules can be stored during the absence of an employee, which also allow the restriction to certain tasks of the absent person, so that the substitute only receives the tasks for which he should also be authorized. If the next employee is absent, the predefined substitute automatically receives a processing request. Travel requests or expense reports are automatically forwarded after entry by maxflow® travel management to the responsible employees for review or approval. The respective agents are defined in the product's own customizing depending on the task area.

  • User Friendly Overview

    The monitor of maxflow® travel management represents the central tool for precise research and analysis (monitoring) of all processed processes and receipts (completed or still in circulation). Both travelers and all employees involved in the process can view the current status of travel receipts and all approval and processing status of the travel receipts as well as all executed processing steps. In addition, various functions are available in the monitor, e.g. displaying notes and attachments as well as editing and deleting receipts.

  • Complete Transparency

    In addition, the process log provides a complete record of which employee created, processed, and released the request or receipt and when. The individual processes can therefore be easily tracked and the approval progress of the travel document can be conveniently determined. In addition, the traveler is informed about the approval status of his trip at regular intervals via infomail.

    Once the travel data has been entered, a uniform PDF document containing all the relevant information is also generated automatically. If the travel data changes, the document is constantly updated.

  • Reminder Function

    E-mails can be sent as a reminder function for an agent's open tasks. If there are work items to be processed in the inbox of an agent, this agent receives a message with a reference to the corresponding tasks. In addition, escalation messages, notifications for incorrect work items, and notifications for substitutes can be sent.

  • Note and Query Function

    At any point throughout approval process, important travel documents or scanned invoices as well as notes and remarks can be attached to the travel receipt (also per expense item) and subsequently viewed.

    In order to clarify an issue or question, our solution has a user-friendly query function where questions to the agent can be recorded in the form of a workflow note. A query ends the actual task and sends a query to the selected processor(s). The query recipient can view the document data and enter a response via the workflow note. When the query is completed, the original task is resent to the query requester and the process continues.

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