Invoice Workflow

maxflow® invoice management

Automated Invoice Processing in SAP

Digital invoice workflow - fast, transparent, user-friendly

  • Enormous reduction in process costs and lead times.
  • Maximum transparency over the entire processing.
  • Increase of cash discount revenue and efficient deadline reminders.
  • Mobile and location-independent invoice processing.
  • Complete integration in SAP and multiple times SAP certified.

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Digitize Your Invoice Workflow

Process optimization in accounting with maxflow® invoice management.

In many companies, despite extensive staff deployment, timely and error-free processing of the large number of daily incoming invoices is not ensured. Paper-based invoice processing is also associated with high costs and long lead times. In addition, the necessary transparency to be able to track the process is lacking.

Our automated approval workflow for incoming invoices solves these problems. With maxflow® invoice management, we provide you with a modern software solution that avoids possible cash discount losses, accelerates the approval process and reduces the processing effort to a minimum. Processing is completely digital - no paper, no in-house mail, no copies, no filing folders. All document data is processed digitally and is available at the touch of a button. Despite automated processing, maximum transparency and control over the process is guaranteed.

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For the Maximum Performance of Your Processing

To further optimize and accelerate invoice document turnaround times, our solution offers mobile and location-independent verification and release of incoming invoices. The approvers can choose to process invoices in the SAP GUI, in the web browser (e.g. for non-SAP users) or on any mobile device using the Fiori app/UI5. The processing procedures therefore take place conveniently either on the desktop, smartphone or tablet. It goes without saying that all three interfaces provide item-specific verification and approval as well as all functions that are important for processing. In addition, all interfaces can be customized for individual users.

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Flexible and Individual Approval Control

When processing MM and FI invoices as well as credit notes, multi-level approval processes can be mapped, which can be dependent on various invoice characteristics (e.g. amount, company code, cost centers). The type and number of stages to be run through can be defined variably, because simple and extensive customizing options realize the setting of an almost unlimited and company-specific variety of processes and approval scenarios. In the standard customizing of our product, for example, it can be ensured that a dual control principle is always maintained.

Further Highlights of Our Invoice Workflow

Invoice processing in SAP made easy - save valuable resources in invoice processing and let us make your business processes more efficient and the long search for invoices, missed discount deadlines and the frustration associated with them will then be a thing of the past.

  • Manual vs. Automated Invoice Processing

    Would you first like to find out whether the introduction of automated processing of your incoming invoices is worthwhile and what advantages a digital processing process has? Then our blog post is just right for you!

  • Automatic Agent Determination

    One of the most important components of the workflow is the fully automated agent determination. Based on the document data (e.g. amounts, document type, etc.), the agents can be flexibly stored in the workflow so that all individual tasks in the approval process are automatically sent to the responsible agent.

    In case of absence (e.g. vacation, illness or business meeting) of the assigned processor, the predefined substitute automatically receives a processing request. For each employee, substitutes can be maintained who take over the tasks of the substitute.

  • Complete Transparency

    maxflow® Invoice management has a detailed process protocol, in which it is recorded for each processing step when and who, as the responsible processor, had the opportunity to execute it. In addition, many other relevant activities, such as releases, are logged for the various processing steps, so that the entire processing procedure can be reconstructed.

  • Invoice receipt book

    The monitor (invoice ledger) of maxflow® invoice management is the central tool for document research and process analysis . All processed incoming invoices (parked and posted documents) are centrally stored in the invoice book, where, among other things, the current processing or approval status ofany invoice can be viewed. In addition, various functions are available, e.g. displaying notes, attachments and discount due dates, editing and deleting documents as well as jumping to the SAP invoice document.

    In addition, a wide range of information can be shown and hidden on a user-specific basis, such as the vendor, the invoice and cash discount amount, the invoice date, the number of approval levels and the current processor or releaser.

  • Reminder Function

    For open tasks, e-mails are automatically sent as a reminder function, which also includes the cash discount display, among other things. The subject and content of the mail can be customized, as can the frequency and number of mails. In the maxflow® Invoice Management Inbox, a cash discount traffic light is displayed, which warns the processor of impending cash discount losses according to a specified deadline (e.g. 3 days before expiry).

  • Product Specific Inbox Instead Of SAP Business Workplace

    The monitor inbox from maxflow® invoice management serves as an intelligent alternative for the SAP Business Workplace. Our proprietary inbox is a user-friendly surface and an efficient analysis tool for all tasks currently assigned to the agent. The task list in the monitor inbox offers a wide range of information and functions that facilitate and optimize the processing of all tasks. Of course, the SAP Business Workplace can also be used optionally.

  • SAP Certification

    We have combined our invoice workflow maxflow® invoice management and our SAP interface maxflow® interface for SAP certification as a system solution under the name maxflow® finance. Both products are certified for cloud as well as for on-premise use for S/4HANA.

    You can find more information about our certification here.

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maxflow® interface eRechnung enables convenient processing of electronic invoices (ZUGFeRD and xInvoices) in SAP.


EDI Invoices

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Internal Clearing

An efficient and digitized invoice exchange between company codes is possible with our add-on maxflow® internal billing.


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With maxflow® interface sales order, customer orders can be conveniently received and processed in SAP.

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