ZUGFeRD and xInvoices

maxflow® interface eInvoice

Receive and Process
Electronic Invoices

maxflow® interface eInvoice is an SAP add-on to maxflow® interface.

  • Reduces processing effort and saves manual working time.
  • Minimisation of transaction and printing costs.
  • Error reduction through automated processing.
  • If necessary, quick and easy correction of invoice data in the monitor.
  • Automated document completion and recording in the background.
  • Complete range of functions of maxflow® interface.
  • Integration in SAP and multiple times SAP certified.

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E-Invoicing Solution for Digital Invoice Processing

Makes paper-based invoices things of the past!

With maxflow® interface eInvoice, invoices in the ZUGFeRD and xInvoices format can be exchanged digitally between companies in a cost-efficient and in an user-friendly way. In addition, the processing process is accelerated and the waiting times and transaction costs of an invoice are reduced to a minimum.

The electronic invoices are also checked for mandatory legal and company information (§14 UStG [German VAT Act]) and completed using the SAP master data - fully automated, of course! This includes in particular the comparison with the ordering system and the goods receipts. Afterwards, the invoice image is stored in the archive (via SAP ArchiveLink) and a SAP invoice document is created from the structured data in XML, which is linked to the image.

Despite fully automated processing, maximum transparency and control over the process is guaranteed. In addition, maxflow® interface eInvoice includes complete monitoring of the process steps performed for all invoices processed, as well as the proven validation surface for manual intervention in the process.

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Receive Electronic Invoices from Any Source

The way (e.g. e-mail or directory) an invoice file is transmitted from the invoicing party to the recipient is completely up to the invoicing party. To meet this requirement, the maxflow® interface connector is part of maxflow® interface eInvoice. The connector represents a standardized data transfer layer, with the primary goal of data transfer to the SAP system to maxflow® interface eInvoice.

ZUGFeRD Invoices

The ZUGFeRD invoice received by the connector in the PDF container includes both the invoice image (the graphic picture) as well as the structured invoice data in XML format. The connector extracts the XML from the PDF and sends it together with the invoice image to maxflow® interface eInvoice.


Differently than for ZUGFeRD invoices, no invoice image but only the XML file ist transmitted for xInvoices. However, the connector automatically visualizes an invoice image from the XML data so that the processors have the option of visually displaying the invoice in the respective workflow steps. Here too, both files are transmitted to maxflow® interface eInvoice.

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