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  • Enormous cost reduction and process acceleration.
  • Optimal transparency and traceability.
  • Extremely flexible processing.
  • Duplicate and mandatory field check in the background.
  • Automatic comparison with the ordering system.
  • Complete integration in SAP and multiple times SAP certified.

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No more tedious and manual transfers to the SAP system!

Working with paper-based invoices is no longer practical for companies today. It means an enormous effort to transfer paper invoices manually into the SAP system. Modern document reading software (OCR) provides a remedy here and digitizes part of the processing procedure.

To close the gap between document reading and the SAP system, we have developed a universal SAP interface that processes all invoices uniformly, regardless of format and transmission path, and transfers them to the SAP system fully automatically. Our solution accepts documents from any upstream system (e.g. OCR server, mail server, file system, etc.) and automatically creates an SAP document from the transferred data.

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Processing Surface for Individual Documents

Our solution offers a proven validation interface for manual intervention in the process: the maxflow® interface Verify GUI. In this product-specific interface, individual documents can be displayed and, if necessary, manually changed or supplemented by the user. In addition to the item and header data, the Verify GUI also displays the original document and information on the vendor, among other things.


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Process flow of maxflow® interface

The following figure shows the standard process of maxflow® interface. This can be customized to the different requirements of a company.

Clear inbox

The maxflow® interface Monitor also offers an inbox in which an overview of all documents read in is displayed. The selection interface can be used to filter according to certain criteria in order to minimize the total amount of documents to be displayed. If the archive display is activated, all documents processed by maxflow® interface are displayed (including deleted and closed documents).

In addition, our solution displays the document status, which indicates the progress of the processing. The history of the documents is logged from import to capture. Thus, not only the simple determination of the processing progress of the documents is possible, but also the traceability of the processes through the history.

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Our Smart SAP Add-Ons



maxflow® interface eRechnung enables convenient processing of electronic invoices (ZUGFeRD and xInvoices) in SAP.


EDI Invoices

With the extension maxflow® interface EDI it is possible to exchange invoices between SAP systems electronically and quickly.


Internal Clearing

An efficient and digitized invoice exchange between company codes is possible with our add-on maxflow® interface internal billing.


Customer Orders

With maxflow® interface sales order, customer orders can be conveniently received and processed in SAP.


G/L Account Documents

With this add-on, G/L account documents can be checked and released within a workflow process in a user-friendly and fast way.

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