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maxflow® purchase order

Process Orders Automatically

More efficiency in the purchasing process through processing without media discontinuity.

  • Increased transparency by means of order overview and logging.
  • Acceleration of the procurement process through automated work steps.
  • Reduction of processing and process costs.
  • Minimization of errors through increased degree of automation.
  • Web connection for non-SAP users.
  • Completely integrated in SAP.

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Optimization of SAP procurement processes

Reduce costs and accelerate processes!

In many companies, the processing of purchase orders is still a time-consuming and error-based process for purchasing departments. Paper and e-mail purchase orders, tedious double entries, time-consuming queries to the requester and, in some cases, a lack of review of the approval guidelines result in a complex and cost-intensive process.

With maxflow® purchase order these problems are solved and the procurement process is automated. With our purchase order workflow, which is fully integrated into SAP, orders can be processed faster and more efficiently. The workflow support creates transparent and lean processes that are designed to be particularly user-friendly for the user. Process costs and processing times are thus reduced to a minimum.

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Web Connection for Non-SAP Nsers

To enable agents who do not have access to the SAP system to participate in the workflow process, the approval of purchase orders and the processing of queries is also possible via the maxflow® portal integration (web browser). In this web application, all the information and functions required for processing are available. The tasks to be executed as well as cross-product information are displayed in a clearly arranged web inbox.


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Highlights of Our Order Workflow in SAP

Do you want to banish stagnant processes, faulty processing sequences and a lack of transparency from your everyday work? We have the solution for you and optimize your order processing down to the smallest detail so that your everyday work is fun again.

  • Digital Procurement Management (Purchase to Pay Process)

    With the introduction of maxflow® purchase order with already existing installation of maxflow® procurement and maxflow® invoice management, the entire process from purchase requisition to invoice processing is complemented in a meaningful way. This uniform and media break-free process (from purchase requisition to purchase order to invoice processing) is also known as Purchase to Pay (P2P). Among other things, the uniform and media-break-free process optimization relieves the respective departments of the company, accelerates the process and reduces the processing costs to a minimum.

    Here you can learn more about the Purchase to Pay process.

  • Automatic Agent Determination with Substitute Regulation

    To ensure that the processing or approval of the purchase order does not fail due to the absence or illness of individual employees, the maxflow® purchase order provides a sophisticated substitute concept. For each employee, substitutes can be maintained who take over the tasks of the substitute. The automated determination of the responsible processors results in a smooth and time-saving processing. maxflow® purchase order automatically checks which employee is authorized to release at which level and distributes the corresponding tasks. The responsible processors can be determined fully automatically for each individual processing step on the basis of various criteria (e.g. amount, company code, supplier, etc.).

  • Flexible Approval Control

    In many companies, the internal drawing policy stipulates at least a four-eyes principle before a purchase order is triggered. With maxflow® purchase order, multi-level approvals (max. eight approval levels) can be obtained from any processor. Extensive customizing options make it possible to set up an almost unlimited variety of processes and approval scenarios.

  • User Friendly Overview

    The monitor of maxflow® purchase order contains various evaluations that provide a precise overview of all orders at any time, regardless of whether they are still being processed or have already been completed. Detailed selection options can be used to search for orders.

    The result list provides a variety of information on the progress and current status of the editing process . In addition, the user can intervene in the process and execute tasks directly.

  • Complete Transparency

    In order to maintain an overview of the many processing and approval steps and to be able to track everything in detail later on, all relevant information for each process is stored in two audit-proof logs. The process log contains details of the entire processing procedure for a document and the workflow log is the technical view of the individual processing steps in the SAP workflow.

  • Reminder Function and Escalation Mechanisms

    For open tasks, e-mails are automatically sent to the respective processors as a reminder function. This ensures a smooth process flow without unnecessary delays. If required, it is also possible at any time to redistribute tasks that have already been assigned or to include individual agents in the process or exclude them from processing.

  • Workflow Notes and Queries

    In maxflow® purchase a note function is available, which is displayed integrated in most processing steps and can be called up from the monitor. In this note function, free text can be entered as well as selected from predefined template texts.

    From all processing steps, queries can be sent to other agents. The query is recorded in the form of a workflow note, which ends the task and sends the recorded query to the selected agents. The recipient can view the document data and enter a response via the workflow note. When the query is completed, the task is resent to the original query creator and the process continues.

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