Release 100.006.000 and 100.007.000

maxflow® travel management is moving forward to the new release 100.007.000, which was published in June 2021. In the following article we explain the optimizations and innovations of both the 100.007.000 and the later 100.006.000 version.

Seamless transition between travel request and travel expense process

As of Release 100.006.000, travel expense processes can be started automatically based on the previously released travel request. In addition, it is possible to record the travel expenses incurred during the trip using a separate step within the release process.

Thus, at the start of the trip for the entry of travel expenses, the agents automatically receive a work item with a request to convert the travel request. Automating these processes ensures that every approved travel request is converted into a travel expense report in the SAP system at the start of the trip. This minimizes the risk of approved travel requests being forgotten. This new process step enables an automated and seamless transition between the travel approval process and the travel expense process based on it.

Optimal support for expense recording

For expense recording, the agents receive a work item that jumps directly to the corresponding trip when executed. Here, only the trip schema (business trip, outbound or inbound trip, etc.) must be selected in order to be able to directly enter the costs incurred as well as all other trip data. The header data of the trip (trip period, trip destination, employee traveling, reason, other destinations, etc.) are automatically transferred from the travel request and do not have to be entered again.

If not all expense receipts are available to the person entering the data, for example because the trip has not yet been completed at the time the step is executed, it is possible to set the step to the status "Waiting for documents" until all receipts are available.

Of course, travel expense processes can still be started manually by creating the travel expenses if required (as already known from the older versions).

New F4 Help

A new F4 help has been introduced for selecting the personnel number, which offers the possibility of searching for travelers based on first and last names, year of birth, sickness certificate data, organizational assignment, appointments, system user names and many other criteria. In addition, a calendar input help is now available when restricting the travel date.

Collective travel from travel requests or travel expenses

The collective release process in maxflow® travel management supports only the grouping of uniform types. A collective trip can only consist of grouped travel requests or travel expenses. It is not possible to combine travel requests and travel expenses within a travel bundle. For this purpose, a selection field group with two radio buttons has been created so that either only travel requests or only travel expenses (depending on the setting) are displayed in the results list.

Connection to SAP personnel master data maintenance

The SAP transaction for maintaining HR master data is integrated into maxflow® travel management Customizing with this release. The new customizing point can be reached in the installation area. Thus, personnel data can be maintained centrally from maxflow® travel management. 

... and Much More

In addition to these highlights, various small changes and corrections have been made in the new versions to further improve maxflow® travel management.

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