Release 100.004.000 and 100.005.000

maxflow® travel management has been further developed and provided with new functions in recent years. In this article, we summarize the optimizations and innovations of versions 100.004.000 and 100.005.000. Release 100.005.000 has been available since October 2019.

New user search help

The new user search help is called up for forwarding, queries or manual agent selection. Users can now be searched for specifically using first and last names, personnel numbers, positions and organizational units. In addition, multiple selections are possible, for example, if forwarding is to be performed to multiple users.

Optimization of the substitution care

The dialog for substitution care has been redesigned to allow users to easily and intuitively maintain their substitutions. The entry of substitutions is now possible with just a few clicks and does not require any further activation or detailed authorization assignment. However, if special substitutions are required, these can also be precisely controlled down to the position level.

In addition to the own substitutes, the agents to be substituted are also displayed, so that it is immediately recognizable which additional tasks have to be taken over.

substitution care in maxflow® travel management

In order to actively remind the agent of his upcoming and expiring substitutions, the info mail dispatch was additionally revised. So if a user is added or removed as a substitute of another user, the substitute will receive a mail with the most important information about the substitution. If the option is activated on the selection screen, this mail will be executed once during the next mail dispatch. If a mail has already been sent, no further notification will be sent.

In addition, when performing tasks that the agent has received as part of a substitution, a corresponding note message is issued regarding the substitution.

In addition, the call-up of substitution care has been integrated into the user settings, which can be called up from any processing step. This allows an agent to easily view their substitutions at any time. And for the central maintenance of substitutions, a new substitution list is available that clearly displays all substitutions and is just as easy to use. 

substitution care in maxflow® travel management

Infomail dispatch to traveling employees

After approval or rejection of travel expenses and travel requests, info mails can be sent automatically to the respective traveling employee. Thus, the traveler is informed about the approval status of his trip immediately after the processing of his request. And queries on the part of the traveler to the releasers regarding the trip status become obsolete with this innovation, since each traveler can now be notified automatically.

... and Much More

In addition to these highlights, various small changes and corrections have been made in the new versions to further improve maxflow® travel management.

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