Release 200.006.000

For the release 200.006.000 of maxflow® purchase order, which we published in November 2020, we have made various small changes and corrections in addition to the following functions.

Automatic Generation of the Generic Object Service

Since the correct configuration of the object services, in particular their correct sequence, via the SAP standard transaction often caused problems, the option to automatically generate the generic object service was added to the maxflow® purchase order implementation guide.

Automatic Customizing of Business Transaction Events

Customizing of the Business Transaction Events in the Implementation Guide can now be set automatically. The pushbutton for automatically executing customizing is located in maxflow® purchase order installation customizing. The Business Transaction Events are created according to the maxflow® purchase order installation documentation.

Automatic Scheduling of Background Jobs

The background jobs can now be scheduled automatically in the maxflow® procurement Implementation Guide. If the automatic scheduling of background jobs is executed, a popup appears first, which shows the user the background jobs to be scheduled as well as those already scheduled. Only the jobs for processing the event queue, checking missing goods receipts and sending info mails are taken into account. The listed background jobs can then be scheduled, changed or unscheduled/deleted accordingly.

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