Workflow solution in SAP or outside?

Have you been given the task of finding a new workflow solution for your company that should stand up to your company-specific process flows as well as individual requirements? In this case, you as project manager would collect all criteria from the individual departments (e.g. purchasing, IT, accounting, etc.) that the new software should fulfill in order to overcome the current "pains" and hurdles . A crisp analysis of the current situation is followed by a detailed planning of the solution concept, the approach and the general framework conditions.  

When planning the project and working out the details, you have probably already been faced with the question of whether it makes more sense to use upstream software with external communication to the system or a fully integrated solution. We asked ourselves exactly the same question when designing our products and carefully weighed up the pros and cons. In the process, we came to the conclusion that companies that already use an SAP system also work more efficiently with an SAP-integrated workflow solution.

But what are the arguments in favor of it? In the following, we would like to list the most important criteria that emerged from our analysis:

  • No additional hardware is required.
  • Data from the SAP system is available in real time.
  • The SAP look and feel means that users are in their familiar working environment.
  • This ensures a quick introduction as well as a low training effort.
  • Non SAP users can participate in the process through web interfaces.
  • Less effort for security mechanisms, authorizations and user maintenance.
  • Extensive product customizing analogous to SAP standard customizing is possible.
  • SAP certifications regulate the technical implementation and ensure compatibility.
  • No interface problems between the solution and the SAP system.
  • Investment and future security through further development and adaptation to SAP releases.

Of course, a software solution that precedes an SAP system also has its advantages. In our experience, however, there is no convincing unique selling point here that particularly stands out compared to the integrated solution. And if you as a company have decided to use an external system solution after all, we would like to give you a few more points to consider when choosing a provider:

  • Does the provider specialize in a particular ERP system? Is expert knowledge available for SAP?
  • Do I need my own hardware or is it provided by the provider?
  • What are the limits of upstream software?
  • Does the supplier regularly develop the product further?
  • How does the communication with SAP and other ERP systems take place?
  • Do SAP user licenses cease to apply or is indirect use taking place?
  • Is a certain level of IT security in place?
  • Can the provider show certifications?

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