Invoice Receipt Processing with SAP Fiori

Processing an invoice via smartphone while on a business trip? Quickly retrieve a document overview via tablet in a spontaneous meeting? View the status of one or more invoices on a simple and intuitive interface? All these points are no longer a problem with the Fiori application from maxflow® invoice management. Through the user-friendly and optimized interface, it does not matter where and with which device you want to process your invoices. Thanks to the use of mobile devices, informations are available everywhere in business. Business processes are therefore not only digitized, but also mobilized and can be processed regardless of location.

The design is based on the SAP Fiori design model and thus integrates perfectly into your existing Fiori portfolio. In addition, the application is easy and intuitive to use.

Use waiting times efficiently and continue your work at the airport or on the train. With maxflow® invoice management and Fiori, you work flexibly and exploit your full potential.


An important innovation in the Fiori application of maxflow® invoice management is the monitor with all tasks in the processor area of responsibility. It is based on the maxflow® invoice management inbox in the SAP environment and offers the processor the central entry point for all searches. Current releases? Recently processed documents? Documents of my team? Open queries? In the monitor all tasks can be found in a clearly arranged display.


In the latest version of the maxflow® invoice management Fiori application, queries can also be processed. The interface integrates seamlessly into the application and queries can be answered intuitively by the user. The processing of queries takes place simultaneously with the release and rejection function.

Custom Extensions

Another important innovation in the application is the new possibility to implement customer-specific extensions. Thus, the functionality can be designed even more dynamically to meet the wishes and requirements of each individual customer. If you have any change requests regarding the standard process, our staff will be happy to answer your questions and provide feasibility analyses.


Further functions are already being planned for the coming releases. An important innovation will be an independent substitution care in the Fiori environment, with which every agent can easily maintain his substitutes. The focus here is also on efficient and simple operation, coupled with the typical adaptive user interface.

With our Fiori application, we continue to pursue the goal of offering users an intuitive and at the same time efficient working environment that provides all the necessary functionalities for the daily workflow. In addition, the enormous mobility of the application remains in focus, so that the processing of invoices can take place on any stationary and mobile device alike. Further new developments will also be characterized by this objective.

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