Release 400.005.000

The new release 400.005.000 for maxflow® invoice management is now available. Once again, functions have been added and the user-friendliness has been further improved.

SAP Fiori

Fiori interface

With maxflow® invoice management 400.005.000 SAP Fiori is now supported. Invoices can be released via any mobile end devices. Due to the optimal display on mobile devices and the common operating and design concept of all Fiori applications, users benefit from a significantly enhanced user experience and intuitive operation. Learn more about maxflow® invoice management for SAP Fiori here .

New Selection in the Monitor

In order to provide the user with more information about his own tasks, the maxflow® invoice management monitor inbox has been extended by several selection variants. This enables the user to check the status of older tasks within a very short time, to check open queries or to retrieve them if necessary.

By assigning responsibilities, it is possible for the first time to provide individual processors with a powerful tool for checking and monitoring all documents in their own area of responsibility quickly and easily in a user-friendly and intuitive manner.

Asset Management

The asset management of maxflow® invoice management has been completely redesigned to improve the usability and intuitiveness of the dialog. Cryptic, meaningless attachment names are a thing of the past. Another advancement is the quick upload function of the asset dialog. With this, users are able to enter assets in the simplest way possible.

In addition to these highlights, various small changes such as the hiding of messages, the simplified translation of texts or the possibility to authorize users to maintain individual table areas, as well as many other changes and corrections have been added to further improve maxflow® invoice management and to continue to offer our customers the system solution for efficient processing of incoming invoices in the SAP environment.

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