UI5 - the modern way to release incoming invoices

With the release of maxflow® invoice management version 400.005.000, a new add-on is also launched: maxflow® invoice management UI5. The introduction of maxflow® invoice management UI5 enables our customers to release SAP incoming invoices in the most modern way.

Why SAP UI5?

SAP UI5 is the latest interface technology from SAP. Whether Android smartphone, iPhone, tablet or desktop - all types of end devices are supported, with a special focus on usability and user-friendliness. This makes it ideal for developing lean business applications with intuitive usability.

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Why Fiori?

Fiori is a new design concept from SAP that aims to create a more consistent user experience across different enterprise applications. On the one hand, this is implemented through the interface technology SAP UI5, which enables an appealing and adaptable design.

On the other hand, the design concept is supported by the Fiori Launchpad. The Launchpad is a personalized homepage that lists only those Fiori applications that are enabled for the user by his role. This allows the user to focus on their most important functions and activities.

Why maxflow® invoice management UI5?

Overview smartphone/tablet

maxflow® invoice management UI5 combines all the advantages of maxflow® invoice management with those of the Fiori design concept for an optimal user experience. Since the new add-on follows the principles of our cross-product uniform dialog control, it appears similar to all our maxflow® workflow solutions, so that processors can easily find their way around the new SAP UI5 application. In combination with the Fiori design concept, the invoice workflow can be operated even more intuitively.

Thanks to the clearly arranged inbox with the invoices to be released as well as a simplified release dialog, the user can process his tasks faster and more efficiently - and this with any terminal device of his choice. In addition, however, the user is provided with familiar processing functions such as forwarding, consultation and the entry of notes. Of course, the display of the scanned original document as well as the upload of new documents is also included in the functional scope of maxflow® invoice management UI5.

maxflow® invoice management UI5 is only at the beginning of its journey - our customers can look forward to further functionalities in the new SAP UI5 application!

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