Our Fiori Innovations in 2020

SAP AG has already announced the latest SAP Fiori version 3.0 and continues to focus on maximum flexibility, user-friendliness and an appealing design. You are now wondering whether the Fiori applications of Beck IT GmbH support the changeover to Fiori 3.0? And whether your applications are also S/4HANA ready in this context? In the following article, we will show you all the new features of our Fiori application and, of course, answer the questions that have arisen.

With the announcement of the latest SAP Fiori version 3.0 at the in-house SAP TechEd, SAP has once again proven how promising this technology is seen in the company. After Fiori 2.0 had already become the standard in the Fiori world since 2016 and some far-reaching and innovative new features were introduced, the latest version is primarily intended to further develop the proven principles and put them in a modern guise.

In general, this means that the five core aspects of role-based, adaptability, simplicity, coherence and appealing design continue to be in the foreground. Of course, the launchpad continues to serve as the general entry point for switching quickly and easily between the various applications. We will spare you the further, admittedly rather technical innovations here and refer you to the corresponding publications of SAP AG.

maxflow® invoice management UI5

Even though the year 2020 held very special challenges for us, just like for any other company, we were able to release two new versions of our Fiori application despite the more difficult and changed conditions. These are, of course, again of the usual high quality and include some new features, which are specifically oriented to the forward-looking vision of SAP AG. In addition, customer requests were also taken into account, which was particularly important to us in order to create a practical application and further optimize our customers' processes.

The Most Important Innovations in 2020

Substitution Care as a Standalone Fiori Application

Substitution Care adds another Fiori application to our product portfolio, which serves the usual high standards of our company and is intuitive and catchy at the same time. When selecting our new developments, we always pay attention to which application areas fit the mobile and smart concept of Fiori vision. For this reason, we also chose agent maintenance as the perfect next project. Substitution care is a crucial aspect for an optimal editing process, as it avoids delays due to sick leave or vacation. In addition, the content and its display or preparation are virtually predestined for mobile devices.

Own Customizing for Individual Design and Adaptation

Customizability is a core element of our applications. In order to respond specifically to your needs and requirements, we offer the possibility to configure our application. This has the advantage that no extra costs are incurred if, for example, special processes are to be mapped which do not necessarily congruent with the standard processes of other companies.

Since one of the most important elements of Fiori development is customizability, we want to ensure this for our applications as well. For this reason, with the new releases, independent customizing will also be added here, which will be constantly supplemented with new setting options.

Adoption of Functions from the maxflow® invoice management Standard

For years, our invoice processing workflow maxflow® invoice management has offered a wide range of functions to make the review and approval of documents as simple and time-saving as possible. Some of these functions are so innovative that we do not want to do without them in our Fiori application either. However, the most important principle in a mobile application should still be simple and clear usability. This is also the reason why we do not want to simply develop a maxflow® invoice management based on Fiori, but rather specifically look for functions that we can reconcile with this principle without the user interfaces becoming confusing. Thus, we will continue to act according to the motto "less is sometimes more" and expand our application selectively to achieve a coherent overall picture.

And the Question...

Now back to the questions from above. Do our Fiori applications support the transition to Fiori 3.0? And in this context, are our applications still S/4HANA ready?

Here you get a clear YES to both questions! Since we naturally see ourselves as a future-oriented company, we naturally also always want to support the latest technologies and not limit ourselves with old technology. For this reason, it is also our ambition to make our applications ready for Fiori 3.0 and the associated improvements. And to also address the second question; we perform the associated compatibility checks for each newly delivered S/4HANA release to ensure compatibility and to comply with the current state of the art.

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