Release 300.005.000

In June 2021, the new release 300.005.000 for maxflow® interface was published and offers numerous innovations and highlights. In addition to the following highlights, many other changes and corrections were made during development to further optimize maxflow® interface.

Support for ZUGFeRD 2.1.1

The new release supports the latest ZUGFeRD version 2.1.1. Through regular updates of our software and adaptations to the current market situation, we ensure that all available ZUGFeRD versions can be processed by maxflow® interface. Our universal SAP interface thus always has the latest ZUGFeRD versions integrated.

Extension of the Account Assignment Wizard

To optimize the processing of FI documents, we have enhanced our account assignment wizard for the new release. More specifically, we have modernized the customizing interface and made the application much more user-friendly. In addition, we have added new functions to the account assignment wizard, including defining a validity period for an account assignment template or setting different tax codes in the items.

Improvement for FI-BAPI

In addition, we have optimized the processing of tax data and documents with QR-IBAN payment information, among other things. In order to keep the cash discount processing up to date, adjustments have been made here as well. A special highlight is that we have found a way to transfer the field "Calculate taxes", which was previously not possible in the BAPI.

Extension of IDoc Processing

The IDoc processing has been extended and the company code determination has been improved, which means a simplification of the necessary SAP customizing. In addition, it is now possible to use the following variants of IDoc processing:

  • Attachments via service: For the scenario "Attachments via service", maxflow® interface EDI provides a special web service that can receive the attachments to the IDoc.
  • Attachments via e-mail: Automatic archiving of attachments
  • Generated original document: For the scenario "Generated original document" there is a function in maxflow® interface EDI to generate a PDF from the IDoc data of the electronic invoice, which displays the data like a paper invoice.
  • Internal allocation: As far as the scenario "Internal allocation" is concerned, there is no difference to the other scenarios in IDoc processing. The special feature is that sender and receiver are one and the same system.

NEW: Processing of QR-IBAN

The new QR-invoice will replace payment slips in Switzerland from mid-2020 and will contain both a payment section with information about the amount to be paid, the sender and recipient of the payment, and details of the reason for the payment. This information is provided both in machine-readable form as a QR-code and as text. We have extended our universal SAP interface to process QR-IBAN. Thus, the latest version of maxflow® interface supports all common variants of the QR-invoice. Many of our Swiss customers are already using our new function.

Optimization of Sales Order Processing

In order to make the processing of sales orders even more efficient, we have both optimized the classification of characteristics and expanded numerous fields such as the project number and the requested delivery date. In addition, maxflow® interface sales order takes contracts into account during classification.

Extension of the English Product Texts

In order to provide an efficient solution not only for our German-speaking customers, but also for our international customers, we have updated the existing English product texts and translated additional texts and labels into English.

Error Correction

In order to further optimize maxflow® interface and to remain compatible with the SAP innovations, various small changes and corrections have been made in the new version in addition to these highlights. Thus, you get a modern solution that is adapted to the current developments of the market.

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