Release 200.004.000 and 200.005.000

The latest release of maxflow® purchase order is now available. In the following we have summarized the most important highlights of the last two versions (200.004.000 and 200.005.000).

Automatic Customizing

When installing maxflow® purchase order or upgrading to a newer version, among other things, objects must be generated, tasks classified and event linkages activated. To simplify these tasks, functions have been added to the Implementation Guide to automate these tasks in whole or in part.

Authorization check in the monitor

In the maxflow® portal, the general monitor, the overview of the documents with participation of the current user and the inbox with executable work items of the user are available. In order to restrict users to individual products, appropriate authorization checks are necessary in the products. During the integration into the portal, the permissions of the product transactions are now checked. Due to the adapted authorization check in the monitor, the users need transaction authorizations in order to continue to be able to call the maxflow® purchase order monitors from the portal.

Better Task Overview

Tasks that are carried out as substitutes for other agents usually have to be processed separately because, for example, other cost accounting objects are used. For a better distinction between the own tasks and the tasks in substitution, the inbox now allows a specific display of the substitution cases. The agent can easily switch the views and thus process his own tasks even more efficiently.

Upgrade Guide

In order to facilitate rework during upgrades, an upgrade guide is available in which all rework is summarized. The upgrade guide shows all rework for the different product releases in a tree structure.

The correspondence function in maxflow® purchase order enables direct communication, e.g. with suppliers, from the processing process. With the use of templates, agents can easily create consistent e-mail-based cover letters. Similar to an email program, the processor can enter and send a message directly from the release or other processing steps. No local e-mail client is required and media discontinuities is also avoided.

Responsibilities and authorizations within maxflow® purchase order are stored in special authorization tables in Customizing. The contents of these tables can now also be imported from files if, for example, authorizations originate from peripheral systems or are maintained centrally for different applications using other tools.

The manual agent selection can now be assigned at item level or for the entire document. In addition, the adjustment prevents selection at item level if no items are available for a document. In this case, a warning message is issued and the agent selection can only take place for the entire document.

... and Much More

In addition to these highlights, various small changes and corrections have also been made in the new versions to continuously improve maxflow® purchase order. Thus, we can continue to offer our customers the system solution for an efficient procurement process in the SAP environment.

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