Release 400.011.000

maxflow® invoice management advances to the new release 400.011.000, which was published in May 2021. For this purpose, upgrading from older versions has again been simplified and optimized. The addition of further assistance functions significantly reduces the effort required for version upgrades and many functions, such as the migration of task classifications and the migration of active workflows, are performed automatically.

Task Prioritization and Escalation Management

With the new function for prioritizing documents and individual tasks, the responsible agents can process their tasks even more specifically and efficiently. Prioritized documents are highlighted in the inboxes of the agents and are thus immediately recognized and processed more quickly. The priority of a document or task can be set manually, or it can be specified by the system through various monitoring mechanisms. The priority is automatically increased, for example, if specified processing times are not adhered to, or if there is a risk of cash discount loss or late payment.

In combination with the connected escalation management, the responsible agents as well as defined escalation points or superiors are also automatically notified. The available escalation scenarios can, of course, be configured individually. Slow and inefficient handling processes are thus a thing of the past and all important and urgent tasks are clearly available at all times.

Escalation in maxflow® invoice management monitor

Improved Usability

We place great emphasis on the usability of our products and are constantly analyzing existing processes and dialogs to provide the best possible user experience for agents. A new grouping by order terms in the inbox makes it even easier for agents to find their tasks and better structure their workflow. Tasks that can not or should not yet be processed can be easily postponed to a later date with an improved resubmission function in the processing steps. In addition, the display of already processed tasks in the outbox has been optimized and makes it easier for the processor to search for earlier releases.

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