Release 400.014.000

For the release 400.014.000 of maxflow® invoice management, which we published in October 2022, we have made various small changes and corrections in addition to the following functions.

Performance Optimization in the UI5 Application

With maxflow® invoice management, approvals can also be made with mobile devices. The mobile approval takes place in a separate UI5 application, which is optimized for mobile devices and provides particularly user-friendly and intuitive dialogs. For mobile accesses, performance also plays a particularly important role, as it has a large share in the overall user experience.

With the new version of maxflow® invoice management, we have optimized the access technology of the UI5 application and have once again been able to significantly increase performance. This makes processing even smoother and more pleasant for the processors.

New Correspondence Function

maxflow® invoice management enables direct communication, e.g. with suppliers, from the processing process. The use of templates enables the processor to easily create uniform cover letters.

The existing document-based correspondence function has been replaced by direct e-mail-based communication. The processor can, similar to a e-mail-program, directly enter and send the message (without media discontinuity and without local e-mail-Client) directly from the release or other processing steps.

The correspondence can also be viewed by other editors in the further editing process. In addition, templates can still be used and existing document-based templates can be migrated.

Simplified Position Detection

In the release, agents can now also transfer account assignments from files. This makes it easy to transfer recurring account assignments or those generated from conversion systems to the document. This makes manual typing or the transfer of individual fields via copy & paste unnecessary.

Improved Control

Mandatory fields in the release dialog can now be controlled separately for profit and loss accounts. This provides even better support for the processor when entering item data and increases the quality of the entry.

More Flexible Representation

The display of the document data has been extended and now allows the display of additional fields and a more flexible division in the dialog. This means that even screens with a high resolution can be optimally utilized.  

... and Much More

In addition to these highlights, various small changes and corrections have been made in the new version to further improve maxflow® invoice management and to continue to offer our customers the system solution for efficient processing of incoming invoices in the SAP environment. 

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