Release 200.004.000

The new release 200.004.000 of maxflow® procurement was published in October 2019. In addition to the following functions, various small changes and corrections were also made.

Automatic Customizing

When installing maxflow® procurement or upgrading to a newer version, objects must be generated, tasks classified and event linkages activated, among other things. To simplify these tasks, functions have been added to the Implementation Guide to automate these tasks in whole or in part.

Extension of the Infomail Dispatch

To optimize substitution care, a new function for informing about substitution changes has been implemented. If a user is added or removed as a substitute for another user, the substitute receives a mail with the most important information about the substitution. If the option is activated on the selection screen, this mail will be executed once when the next mail is sent. If a mail has already been sent, no further notification will be sent.

Improved Search Aids for Units of Measure

The search help for units of measure is extended with this adjustment and now supports an improved search when entering the commercial representation. The adjustment enables an effective search even if lowercase letters are used.

Derivation of the Purchasing Organization to the Plant

SAP allows a unique assignment of a plant to a purchasing organization. If this unique assignment is given and no purchasing organization has been defined yet, the purchasing organization field will be filled automatically when entering a plant.

Presetting the Document Type via Customizing

The general customizing has been extended by an additional setting for predefining the document type. This makes it possible to preset the document type for all users when entering a BIT-purchase requisition. This default setting is only overridden by the personal default values.

Assignment of OCI Catalogs to Users

Until now, the OCI catalogs have been assigned to the individual agents via an item in customizing. This assignment is relatively cumbersome and error-prone. With this change, the existing customizing is replaced by an authorization object. This allows the OCI catalogs to be easily defined and maintained across multiple users within the SAP standard authorization management.

Further Optimizations

  • The auxiliary and image display are available within the document transaction (e.g. execution of completion).
  • In the entry mask for BIT-purchase requisitions a button was integrated to jump directly into the personal settings.
  • To facilitate rework on upgrades, an upgrade guide is available that summarizes all rework.
  • The workflow notes can be sorted in ascending and descending order.
  • The purchasing organization field has been added to the personal default values dialog.
  • The chart of accounts for use in search helps has been included in the account assignment area of the data entry screen.
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